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Rolemide® PEEK

Rolemide® PEEK Description

Rolemide® PEEK is a high temperature, high performance thermoplastic specialty engineering plastic. PEEK can be used continuously at 260 degrees without losing its physical and chemical properties. PEEK has extremely high stiffness and hardness, as well as unique high tensile strength and fatigue strength. In addition, its heat-resistant non-deformation performance and chemical stability are excellent.
Rolemide® PEEK6000C and Rolemide® PEEK 6800CM are ideal for the semiconductor manufacturing industry to meet the requirements of precision microvia processing with a minimum pore size of 0.1mm or less.

●Rolemide® PEEK6000C is a composite of polyetheretherketone PEEK and ceramic matrix.
It has excellent processability, low cost, ultra-thin thickness (T1-5mm), high wear resistance, low thermal expansion, almost no burr machining, and is not easily deformed. High heat distortion temperature and very good thermal stability.

●Special composite material Rolemide® PEEK 6800CM sheet
This material is a composite of PEEK and other custom formulated materials, which combines strength, stiffness and stability very well. The machining deformation is very small, the burr is very small, and the size is stable. It is especially suitable for high-precision applications. It is an ideal material for semiconductor test sockets, nests, fixtures and packaging equipment.

main feature: 1. The heat dissipation performance reaches 2.1w/(k.m), which is close to 10 times of ordinary PEEK plastic;
2. Less micro-hole burrs under 0.1mm, better electrical properties and hygroscopicity than PEEK;

PEEK Standard Standard Sizes, Colors, Grades

Name: Polyether etherketone

Shapes: Rods,Sheets,Profiles

Name Thickness(mm) Width × length (mm)
PEEK6000C Sheet
PEEK 6800CM Sheet
1mm to 5mm 150mm x 210mm
PEEK Sheet 5mm to 40mm 600mmx1200mm
1250mm x1000mm
PEEK6000CRod 1mm to 5 mm 300mm
PEEK Rod 6mm to 100mm 1000mm

Rolemide® PEEK Characteristics

● Extremely high strength and stiffness, good toughness
● High temperature resistance, can withstand 260 degrees
● Good thermal stability, good heat resistance and deformation resistance
● Good creep resistance, self-lubricating performance
● Good dimensional stability and good radiation resistance
● Good flame retardancy and good hydrolysis resistance

Rolemide® PEEK Application

● Semiconductor test parts, processing nest (nest), wafer comb
● Microelectronic IC test socket (socket) and contactor (contactor)
● Seals, pumps and valve assemblies, bearings and bushings
● Scientific instrument parts, other electronic components

Rolemide® PEEK Grades

● Rolemide® PEEK unfilled
● Rolemide® PEEK+GF
● Rolemide® PEEK6000C (ceramic filled)
● Rolemide® PEEK 6800CM
● Rolemide® PEEK 5800ESD

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