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Rolemide® PEI

Rolemide® PEI Description

Rolemide® PEI Polyetherimide has a high mechanical strength in coordination with a good chemical and heat resistance (up to +170℃), good dimensional stability and creep resistance. Its under the thermoplastics singular torque strength permits the economical substitution of machining fabricated small parts from steel. PEI can be filled with carbon fiber, glass fiber modified to enhance the performance.

PEI Standard Standard Sizes, Colors, Grades

Rolemide® PEI Size

Name Thickness(mm) Width × length (mm)
PEI480 Sheet 1mm to 5mm 150mm x 210mm
PEI Sheet 5mm to 40mm 600mmx1200mm
PEI Rod 4mm to 40 mm 305mm, 200mm ,1000mm

Name: Polyetherimide


Rolemide®PEI Characteristics

● High temperature resistance
● High strength and dimensional stability
● High torque strength and hardness
● High heat resistance
● High weather resistance
● High radiation resistance

Rolemide® PEI Application

● Reusable medical equipment, analytical instruments, medical accessories
● Electrical/electronic insulators and components of various structural components that require high strength and rigidity at high temperatures
● Aircraft interior parts
● Electronics Industry: Soldering Sockets, Spools, Board Substrates
● Car lighting socket, high temperature transformer under the garage

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