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Kesdelate® PET

Material Introduction

Polyethylene terephthalate (aka. PET, PETE, PETG) is a plastic resin of the polyester family that is used to make beverage, food and other liquid containers, as well as for some other thermoforming applications. PETG is a clear amorphous thermoplastic that can be injection molded or sheet extruded. It can be colored during processing.

PET Standard Sizes, Colors, Grades, Brands

Type Thickness(mm) Width × length (mm)
PET Sheet 8 to 120 1000* 2000,600*1200

Type Diameter(mm) Length(mm)
PET Rod 8 to 100
110 to 120

Colors include: White, Clear

Grades include: Self-lubricating , FDA Compliant

1. Other choices of sizes, colors and grades are customizable.
2. Length, width, thickness and diameter tolerance are slightly different due to inevitable error occurred in production process.

Material Strength

1. Prominent surface stiffness and rigidity
2. Great dimensional stability
3. Exemplary chemical resistance
4. Remarkable sliding properties
5. Impressive abrasion and creep resistance

Material Application

1. Package for electronics
2. Equipment for medical laboratory
3. Protective guard for machining
4. Accessories for goods exhibition
5. Industries of micro-electronic equipment, electric and electronic products, as well as precise instrument

Material Type

PET sheet ,thin sheet, rod
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