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Fluoroplastics Materials to Fulfill Your Needs

Are you an engineer, equipment designer, or maintenance team struggling to choose a plastic material? Whether your application calls for changing an existing material or beginning a new design, Cylex Plastics can help.

Need a plastic material that performs well in your application? From PTFE, PVDF, FEP, PFA, PCTFE and more - Fluoroplastics Materials

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Kalenron® PTFE

PTFE comes with unbelievable chemical resistance against almost all chemicals except for some fluorides and molten alkali metals.This thermoplastic polymer is the most initial type of fluoroplastics and has the most extensive applications.
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Kalenron® PVDF

PVDF sheet are fitted with remarkable resistance to chemical, aging, creep and fatigue, as well as high machinability.
Compared to PTFE, this kind of specialty plastic material is endowed with more outstanding rigidity and impact resistance.
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Kalenron® FEP

FEP is the modified product of PTFE, It keep the performance of PTFE basically, such as the excellent high-and-low temperature resistance, chemical stability, dielectrical property, outstanding no-stick performance and superior mechanical
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Kalenron® PFA

PFA (Polyfluoroalkoxy) owns excellent chemical stabilities, thermal properties and dielectric properties as PTFE. Good self-lubricating properties, flame resistance, and aging resistance.
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Kalenron® PCTFE

PCTFE is an ideal sealing material in low-temperature and high-pressure conditions which owns excellent rigidity, low-temperature resistance, cold-flow resistance.
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Kalenron®PTFE pan plug

Spring Seal/ spring energized seal/ Variseal is a U-type Teflon built-in special spring high-performance seal with appropriate spring force plus system fluid pressure to
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Kalenron®Oil free bearing

The oil-free bearing is a novel lubricated bearing that combines the characteristics of a metal bearing with the characteristics of a non-oil-lubricated bearing.
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