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Thermosetting plastics Materials to Fulfill Your Needs

Are you an engineer, equipment designer, or maintenance team struggling to choose a plastic material? Whether your application calls for changing an existing material or beginning a new design, Cylex Plastics can help.

Need a plastic material that performs well in your application? From 3025 Phenolic cotton, Bakelite Sheet, Durostone Sheet, Epoxy fiber glass, FR4 Fiber Glass Epoxy, GPO-3 Sheet and more - Thermosetting plastics Materials

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Thermosetting plastics Materials

Henolicon® 3025 Phenolic cotton

3025 phenolic cotton cloth sheet and rod are made up of cotton saturated with phenolic resin, and are laminated under pressure and heat.
More Henolicon® 3025 Phenolic cotton

Lericon® Bakelite Sheet

Bakelite sheet is the combination of hard and high density material and impregnated paper using phenolic resin or fiber glass cloth and pressed under heat...
More about Lericon® Bakelite Sheet

Hylecon® Durostone Sheet

Durostone sheet is manufactured by utilizing glass fiber and high mechanical strength resin.This kind of heavy-duty glass fiber reinforced plastic
More about Hylecon® Durostone Sheet

Sepentoxy® Epoxy fiber glass

We utilize electrical glass cloth impregnated with epoxy resin under heat and pressure to manufacture our fiber glass epoxy sheet and rod.
More about Sepentoxy® Epoxy fiber glass

FR4 Fiber Glass Epoxy

Sepentoxy® FR4 fiber glass epoxy sheet is produced from electrical glass cloth that has been impregnated with epoxy resin under heat and pressure.
More about FR4 Fiber Glass Epoxy

Rylar® GPO-3 Sheet

GPO-3, also called UPGM203, it is a standard electric insulating materials with excellent arc resistance and superior heat resistance.
More about Rylar® GPO-3 Sheet

Henolicon® 355 Glass cloth tube

355 modified diphenyl ether glass cloth laminated tube is made of processed alkali-free fiber glass cloth which is used by electrician and diphenyl
More Henolicon® 355 Glass cloth tube
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